Adelaide Oz Comic-Con 2013

This year, Adelaide Oz Comic-Con was held on the 16th and 17th of March at the Adelaide showgrounds.

To me it was sort of an odd con.  Granted I was stuck behind a booth most of the day but it seemed to be a ‘slow burn’ type con.  There was no rush of people when the doors opened. Also the lines of convention goers were not all that long in the morning.  But I think this was due to the transport options at the convention.  I’m not an Adelaide resident but it seemed the only option for pt was by a distant bus stop.  Either you took the bus or you drove.  However, by midday, the crowd inside the convention halls had thickened considerably and all was normal.  William Shatner of Star Trek fame commanded the longest line for autographs during both days.

In the end, reported official numbers were 25000+ attendees. Not bad for a con only in it’s 2nd year.

Because I was stuck behind a booth for both days, I didn’t get the time I normally would have to get some photography done.  I did see some very nice cosplay walk by the booth but always missed the opportunity to shoot them.  I did get a few breaks here and there and I did take a few photos but they are not my usual quality.  Still, I’m happy to have gotten the opportunity to get the photos that I did.  For me the stand out was a weeping angel from Doctor Who.  Everyone who saw the cosplay had to take a picture which meant she (I assume) was often posing for long periods of time but was always willing to do so.  The cosplay was really quite convincing and creepy. Well done.

I’m hoping to attend the next few cons of Melbourne Supanova and Gold Coast Supanova in April.

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