Sydney Supanova 2013 Cosplay Day 2

Day 2 cosplay of Sydney Supanova 2013 was just like day 1… wet!

The weather on day 2 was much like day 1, wet.  But it didn’t seem to dampen Sydney’s cosplay community will to cosplay. Costumes were wide and varied from Transformers characters, Batman villains, Adventure time characters and more.  One of the most bizarre things I saw was a ‘cats’ cosplay group descend on a speedo clad man…  I didn’t know why they did it but it was funny none the less.

Captured at Sydney Supanova 2013
Captured at Sydney Supanova 2013

The rain fell for the whole day so attendees sought shelter mostly inside the Dome of Sydney’s Olympic park in Homebush which functioned as the main trading and signing hall.  Of particular highlight was a person who came dressed as a dragon, when asked what was the costume from, he answered ‘nothing, just felt like dressing as a dragon’.

These photos were taken late on day 2, again I was testing a miniature beauty dish / ring flash modifier. To be honest I don’t think it is very suitable for this type of photography.  Because of the relatively small size of the beauty dish (when compared to standard units), it had quite a limited range of effectiveness before the light fall off was too great.  This meant that I could only work at fairly close distances and I really noticed that all my photos were captured at more or less the same distance.  The effect when used close to a model is actually not bad but this type of work I think I’ll stick to a soft box.

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Some Day 1 photos here

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