Supanova Perth 2013 Day 1 Cosplay – part1

WA cosplayers turned out in force for Supanova Perth 2013 in near perfect cosplay weather.

Part 2 of day 1 is now available. See here

It may be the middle of winter but you would be forgiven for thinking different as residents of Perth and surrounding WA gathered at Claremont Showgrounds for Supanova Expo Perth 2013 in almost perfect cosplay weather. Daytime temps were warm but not too hot allowing for all manners of costume without too much suffering.

David Hasslehoff was again in attendance as special guests, while anime / cartoon voice actors Christine Cabanos & Greg Cipes were signing autographs at the Madman booth, along with many others.  There was also no shortage of cosplayers and cosplay on display as people of all ages and groups showed their love for all things anime, manga and pop-culture.

This time round I was able to spend a bit of time outside (unlike Sydney which was wet all weekend) and it was nice photographing cosplayers in the daylight for a change.  Being able to photograph outside also meant less crowded situations. There were Super Heroes & Super Villains, Adventure Time characters, Mario girls, and even League of Legends.

Note: Due to the number of photos from this con, I’m having to split it up into multiple parts for each day…   Now, on to the cosplay pics, enjoy..

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Part 2 of day 1 is now available. See here

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