MNCC Adelaide 2013 Preliminaries.

Congrats to Greg for winning the Adelaide preliminary round of MNCC 2013 in his giant Tekkaman Blade suit.

SONY DSCLast weekend I traveled to Adelaide, the city of churches for AVCon 2013. I saw a lot of awesome cosplay but also managed to interview the fantastic Jesicca Nigri (vid coming soon). But the main event was of course the Adelaide round of AVCon 2013.  I was absolutely amazed at the production quality of  the AVCon event crew and how they set their stage.  They really do ask questions of every other anime / pop culture event in Australia and have set the bar on what a quality event is. Madman National Cosplay Championships (MNCC) final preliminary 2013 round was held on the Saturday of AVCon.  There were 5 contestants this time and each did an amazing job.  First up was Sally, cosplaying Hatsune Miku who did a dance number on stage.  Next was Callum cosplaying as Young and gave a monologue performance on stage.  In 3rd place was Public Insanity dressed as Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh with a performance that interacted with a video.  2nd place went to Usagi Hime cosplaying as Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail with her choreographed action fighting moves.    But when Greg came out on stage the whole room took a collective sharp breath and burst into applause.  His fantastic suit of Tekkaman Blade from Teknoman was an instant crowd favourite. The judges also agreed and awarded Greg 1st place. Please like / share / follow my blog if you like  it. Also you can visit me on Facebook.  Thanks for reading.

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