Melbourne OZ Comic-Con Cosplay Photos

Cosplay photos from inside the beautiful Royal Exhibition building of Victoria at OZ Comic-Con 2013

Oz Comic-Con hit Melbourne Australia a few weeks ago and I made it on to the 2nd day of the exhibition late in the afternoon.  The convention was held at the Royal Exhibition building and convention goers were able to enjoy themselves in the pleasant surrounds of the gardens as well as the beautiful interiors of the building.

Recently I’ve been searching for a new flash modifier for my speedlight and so at OZ Comic-Con I tested a new piece of equipment, a rouge flash bender.  I have previously been using various types of softboxes and even a small beauty dish, but because they all require the flash to be directly pointed at the subject, I found the the level of diffusion was still a little harsh at times.  The flash bender is a flat reflective panel that attaches to the top of the speedlight, it allows most of the flash’s output to directed up and to bounce while 3 ribs in the panel allow it to be bent forward (or in any other direction) to direct the light in a direction you choose.

So I attached the flashbender and went about capturing the cosplay at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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thanks for reading.

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