AVCon Adelaide 2013 Cosplay: Part 1

Plenty of cosplay at Adelaide’s premiere anime and and gaming related convention; AVCon.

Adelaide, the city of churches, but also a city of great cosplayers.  AVCon (Anime and Video Games Convention) took place over the weekend of  the 12-13th of July in Adelaide Australia.  Definitely Adelaide’s premiere anime and pop culture convention, I went there to shoot a few interviews and also to shoot some cosplay, and there was not shortage of cosplay.  Cosplayers started rocking up to the venue on Friday night for the opening ceremony, including live singing and dancing performances, as well as an appearance and q&a seesion greet by world famous cosplayer Jessica Nigri, and voice actors Spike Spencer and Chris Cason.

After ariving on Friday afternoon and filming an interview with Jessica, I hit the floor for some cosplay photo action but the light in the hall at that time was terrible and I didn’t have my full kit with me so I didn’t end up shooting that much and just called it a night. Speaking of kit, I decided I would pretty much shoot with a 50mm f1.4 for the whole weekend if I could. It’s my lens of choice for most situations and it’s the one I’m most comfortable with, framing and view are more natural to me with this lens. Along with my A99, I also had my Sigma flash unit (soon to be replaced) as well as a rouge flash bender for the light modifier. (see my notes on the Rouge Flash Bender)

Right, now for the good stuff, on to the cosplay… enjoy.

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