Supanova Perth 2013 Day 2 Cosplay

Glorious sunshine and cosplay on day 2 of Supanova Perth 2013. Day 2 was much like day 1, more blue skies, sunshine, and great cosplay to behold and photograph.

Captured at Perth Supanova 2013 © Jeren Tan

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I live in Melbourne, but walking around under a bright blue sky with just a T-shirt on in the middle of winter was just a little bit odd, throw in the added factor I was surrounded by people in all manner of great and fantastic cosplay and it could positively be surreal.  But I wasn’t complaining, the fact that I wasn’t inside a convention hall and it wasn’t raining gave me a rare opportunity to shoot cosplay in natural light under the sun.  So I bolted the polarizer to the front of my lens and went in search of some great cosplay… I didn’t have to search very far.

As noted in my day 1 posts, the convention took place at Perth’s exhibition grounds, and the con itself spread across a few buildings, meaning I stood outside in a main thoroughfare and simply waited for cosplayers to come to me, and I got some good shots.  After a while however I started walking around and found (for me) the stand out cosplayers of the day… a group cosplaying “Female Injustices“… amazing is all I can say.

Anyway, I shot quite a few pics by days end and I hope you enjoy the pics.

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Day 1 part 1 is available. See here

Day 1 part 2 is available. See here

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