Sydney Smash! 2013 Cosplay

A lovely day for cosplay, SMASH! Sydney 2013

captured at Sydney Smash! 2013 © Jeren Tan

Another couple of weeks have passed and yet another pop culture / anime convention in Sydney (how many is that now?)  SMASH! is 1 day anime / manga / video game centric event held in Sydney.   I remember attending the very first SMASH!  Inside a dark dingy beer smelling university hall, Smash started out as just ‘another’ university gig, it has now matured into a full fledged anime (and of course cosplay) event for the people of Sydney. Where vendors used to have to wait for the university bar to close before being allowed to set up, the convention has now moved to the picturesque location of Darling Harbor.

captured at Sydney Smash! 2013© Jeren Tan

I was behind the booth for most of the day, but in the final couple of hours of the con I got outside with my camera.  The harbour with a late afternoon setting winter sun was a great backdrop to shoot the myriad of cosplay that was on show.  The usual cosplay tropes and characters were in attendance lolitas, maids, and super heroes, just to name a few.  But there was characters from Sword Art Online, Sailor Moon, Code Geass, and a huge Attack on Titan contingent and many more.  However, the two cosplayers that stood out for me the most on the day were from video games, Cammy from Street Fighter, and Ada Wong from Resident Evil.

I had great fun running around outside the convention centre in the dying sunlight photographing the great cosplay that was display. Thank you people of Sydney. In particular, thank you to Ally (Ada) who obliged a final shoot with me in the dying light of the day.

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This will be my last con for some time I think, I’m taking a break (after a very busy period) and won’t be attending another con until Supanova Brisbane, but there will be more ‘Highlight‘ pictures to come in the future.

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