Brisbane Supanova 2013 Day 1 Cosplay

Day 1 cosplay under the hot Queensland sun  at Supanova Brisbane 2013.

Brisbane Supanova, the penultimate Supanova for the year, a two and half day pop-culture event featuring anime, sci-fi, fantasy and everything in between in the blazing Brisbane sun.  Opening day was on the Friday for a half day and the event this year was held at the RNA showgrounds but in a new buildings.  Thankfully, the new buildings have somewhat serviceable air conditioning, something for which I and many many other attendees were very grateful for as a lot of people spent the course of the next two days hiding indoors out of the sweltering heat.  On that point, I have to say that Brisbane cosplay peeps are awesomely dedicated.  3 consecutive days of 30+ degree heat but it didn’t deter people from wearing full rubber / latex constructions or even fursuits.

This gallery is a little smaller than usual as I had spent most of the time on day 1 filming interviews with the finalists for Madman National Cosplay Championships.  The finals of the statewide cosplay were to be held on the Saturday (more on that to come in the next few days), which meant by the time I was done and had got myself back to the convention, a lot of the cosplayers had left for the day, or were hiding indoors.  Regardless, here are my first few pics from the weekend.

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