Brisbane Supanova Day 2 cosplay

More cosplay from day 2 of Brisbane Supanova.  Hot weather and even hotter cosplay.

SupaBris2013-350It was another 30+ degree day in Brisbane as day 2 dawned and as hundreds, if not thousands of cosplayers descended on the the RNA showgrounds for day 2 of Brisbane Supanova.  For some reason, every time I go Brisbane I end up forgetting my shorts, I only had thick denim cargo pants and black t-shirts. As I arrived with bags full of equipment, I knew I was up for a hot sweaty day of filming and photographing.  But enough of my wardrobe maladies, I had a job to do.

Day 2 / Saturday, was also the day of Madman National Cosplay Championships finals and my job was to film and shoot the show.  So along with my team mate, we arrived a little after 9 and started setting our equipment up.  In short order we had set our filming equipment up and were ready to go.  The filming of the MNCC went fairly well but that story is for another post.  In between setup, and after the show, I managed to shoot some cosplay in the blazing Queensland sun.


I was amazed at the dedication of a lot of the cosplayers, who not only put time into their outfits, but also made the commitment to stay in their tight form fitting, often dark coloured outfits right throughout the day despite the heat.  On this particular day, cosplay cartoon temptress and absolute vixen Jessica Rabbit was very popular as I saw 3 people cosplay as her, all of whom looked fabulous.  I got to photograph Rea Therese  dressed as Wonder Woman.  There was also a Street Fighter group but due to the time and the lens I had on the camera at the time, I couldn’t really do them justice.  2nd, 4th and 5th Hokages from Naruto were in attendance as well as perennial favorites characters from, Madoka, FMA, and Game of Thrones plus many more.

On a side note, I was testing 2 new pieces of equipment for cosplay shooting today.  Sony’s own HVL-F60M flash unit specially designed for the A99, and also a brand new Sigma 85mm f1.4 prime lens.  I had decided to upgrade flash unit (previously a sigma unit) to the F60M due to the redesigned hot shoe and also better TTL performance.  Also the F60M works with standard radio triggers (the sigma didn’t).  As for the lens, I had been wanting a fast 85mm f1.4 for some time and finally managed to get hold of a new unit for a very good price.

I shot in full TTL mode with a rouge flash diffusor attached the flash, I’m very happy with the flash and I love the quick shift bounce feature which allows the head to be shifted into a vertical position very quickly, ideal for portraits.  I was concerned that the 85mm would be a little too long a lens to be shooting amongst the throng of people at a con but I soon got use to the focal length.  The only problem is, at 1.4-2.0, depth of field is so short that finding a good focus point with a pleasing composition is quite tricky due to the A99 small focus area coverage.

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Day 1 photos can be found here.

Now onto the photos.

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