Supanova Brisbane Day 3 Cosplay + Highlights

Cosplay from the final day of Supanova day 3 and also a few highlights from day 2.

For me, day 3 of Supanova when by in a flash.  I had spent the majority of the day shooting video for Madman.  The first video was of course the cosplay slow motion video, and then there were also video interviews with the Men of Action crew and also Gary Chalk.  By the time I had taken my sony A99 off the steadyrig and got ready to shoot stills, it was quite late in the day and quite a few cosplayers had gone home.


There was some lovely Dr. Who TARDIS cosplay, In particular Lachlan David Jackson Schmidt‘s cosplay of the tardis was just great, what I imagined to be a hoop skirt  showing the outside of the Tardis, but then on the front with a panel showing the interior of the TARDIS, fantastic.





Another great cosplay was ‘Steampunk Ariel’, her interpretation of the character was simply wonderful.  I also met Melbourne cosplay duo Audette Jupiter who cosplayed as Psylocke and Ms Marvel, and who I’ve also had the pleasure of photographing before at OzComicCon.

Since I didn’t shoot that much on day 3, I’ve also included some highlight photos here from day 2.

Enjoy the photos.
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Other day 2 photos.  Day 1 photos.

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