AVCon Adelaide 2013 Cosplay Highlights

From the archives.  Cosplay highlights from last year’s AVCon in Adelaide.

So I was archiving some old work and realised that I had never released this batch of images…  So of course I had to remedy that right away, but if you’re actually reading this page,  there are also a few words that I’d like you to know.

In the middle of last year I started this blog, and as the name of this blog suggests, it was really just an experiment for me at the start to get some technical blogging and writing skills.  However over the last six months, as I’ve taken more photos around the country and met more and more cosplayers, it’s become something more.

For all those who have followed my blog, commented or simply viewed and visited, thank you.  People viewing and enjoying my images and photography has allowed my to contribute back to the cosplay community even though I don’t cosplay myself.  It’s allowed me turn and grow my passion for both photography in general, and cosplay photography.

I look forward to bringing you and anyone else that cares to look at my work in 2014 more cosplay images from around Australia.


Sorry for the delay, here are the previously un-released photos from AVCon Adelaide last year.

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