Melbourne Supanova 2014 Cosplay Selection

A selection of cosplay at Melbourne Supanova 2014

A selection of cosplay from the Saturday of Melbourne Supanova 2014.

The 2nd Supanova of 2014 took place in Melbourne a few weekends ago. Fears of a rain soaked event were driven away by bright sunshine bursting though the patchy clouds above Melbourne Showgrounds.  I was only there on the Saturday and spent most of my time filming the Melbourne heats of the 2014 MNCC competition.  However in the afternoon as both sun and temperatures began to lower, I did get a few hours around the grounds to shoot some cosplay.  Of note were an entire troop of Sailor Scouts, Disney characters galore, and amazingly almost the entire cast from Magi. (although I failed to get individual photos of them)

I wish I could have gotten more pictures from the event and captured more fantastic cosplayers but unfortunately, I had other commitments…  Hopefully I’ll get more of a chance in Sydney and Perth.

So, on to the pictures.

As always, please feel free to like, comment, follow and share if you like these photos.  Also thank you all to all those who posed for me.



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