MNCC 2013 Finals – Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes of 2013 MNCC Finals.

With the middle rounds of the MNCC (Sydney and Perth) imminent, here are some previously unreleased photos from last year’s MNCC finals.

Captured at Brisbane Supanova 2013 Photo by Omaikane
Captured at Brisbane Supanova 2013 Photo by Omaikane

The final round of the Madman National Cosplay Championships 2013 were held in Brisbane last November. It was the Saturday of the Brisbane Supanova Pop Culture convention and I was there to cover the MNCC,  I remember walking around outside in the sweltering heat and yet it was only 10 AM.   Thankfully as official media crew, I had access to the green room and many of the finalists were already inside trying to stay cool and calm before the event. Greg (SA finalist) and Wirru (wildcard) were trying unsuccessfully to ‘flip up’ from the floor whilst the girls Anna, Sierra, Rebecca and Natalie (NSW, VIC, WA, Wildcard) sat together surrounded by friends chatting.

Eventually each contestant began changing into their costume and the pre-judging was under way, wigs and makeup were applied and armour was donned.  Contestants had at least one helper in the form of either friend or family helping them into their elaborate creations.  The judges made their rounds, asked about the creation of the costumes, stitching, materials used and the difficulties that the contestants faced. It was about this time that the finalists from the QLD (Tessu and Nai) round arrived into the green room but all was not well.  It seemed that the pair were not happy with what they had produced thus far and had subsequently made themselves physically ill worrying all night.  Such was their passion for cosplay and their commitment to only bring their best and knowing they could not meet their own personal standards they had decided to withdraw.  With great sadness in their voice and tears rolling down their faces they apologized to the judges and fellow competitors that they were unable to continue with the competition.  The other finalists seeing that their fellow cosplayer and more importantly friends in such a state of distress immediately went to console and comfort the pair, everyone understood what the pair were feeling and why they chose to pull out.  It was quite touching seeing this group of fine outstanding cosplayers treat each with so much kindness and compassion.

The judges finished their rounds and all that was left was the final performance to be performed on stage for the event. Final preparations were made as the contestants readied themselves… It was showtime.

Sierra the VIC finalist would go on to win the comp and championship for 2013 with Anna and Wirru coming 2nd and 3rd respectively.


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