Brisbane Supanova 2014 Cosplay

captured at Brisbane Supanova 2014
captured at Brisbane Supanova 2014

The final Supanova Pop Culture Expo of 2014 in hail battered Brisbane. Along with the finals of the Madman National Cosplay Championships, there was some hot hot cosplay.

As usual, Queensland turned on the brilliant weather for the Supanova expo but it was a near disaster as the day before saw near typhoon class winds and massive sized hail batter the city.  Windows & trees were smashed, and there even reports light aircraft being flipped and on runways as the storms rolled across Brisbane.  However thankfully by noon on the Friday, mother nature’s rage had subsided and the sun was back out and shining.  I spent much of the weekend filming content and coverage for Madman and as such I didn’t get as much time to shoot stills as last year.  However what little time I did get I spent running up and down the length of the Brisbane convention center (a new location for Supanova this year) shooting as much cosplay as possible.

Highlights of course were all the finalists for this year’s MNCC, representatives of QLD, WA, SA, VIC, and NSW all strutted their cosplay ‘metal’ so to speak on the Saturday with amazing costumes as they each vied for the crown of this year’s champion.  There were many a Sailor Scout in attendance as Madman had just made public that they had acquired the classic TV series Sailor Moon and the brand new series Sailor Moon Crystal.  Another standout was a full ‘troupe’ of Puella Madoka Magica circus version characters.

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Enjoy the pictures.

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