International Cosplay Star Tomia photoshoot.

Tomia – Kotori LOVE LIVE cosplay Shoot

While I was shooting at #Madfest Melbourne 2016, I got the opportunity to shoot with South Korean #cosplay star Tomia.  Tomia was cosplaying as Kotori from the anime Love Live and was at Madfest (Madman Anime Festival) as a special international cosplay guest on behalf of Madman.

The shoot with Tomia was a great experience and definitely another highlight of my weekend and also of my cosplay photography experience.  She was instantly able to go from pose to pose and put small little subtle changes into her facial expression.  A real pro. – Thanks to Madman and Tomia for the opportunity.

If you’d like to find out more about Tomia, her FB link is at the bottom of the gallery.

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Follow Tomia on Facebook.

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