Australian Cosplay Knitemaya Photoshoot

Kitemaya – Genos from One Punch Man photoshoot.

While shooting at Madman Anime Festival Perth 2017, I got the chance to film an interview with the very sweet and wonderful Knitemaya.  After the interview we had about 10 minutes to do a shoot.  The temps in Perth were a real scorcher that weekend…  The heat was absolutely unbearable in the sun.  Luckily we found a small side alcove that was sheltered from the sun and I was able to shoot Knitemaya’s awesome Genos cosplay.  What’s even more amazing is the Knitemaya created this costume before the anime was even released. Yup, she created the costume from just referencing the OPM manga.  Truly awesome!

See more of Knitemaya’s work on FB, Instagram, Twitter.

If you want to meet awesome cosplay stars just like Knitemaya, make sure you come along to Madman Anime Festival.

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