Cosplay Feature: Female Injustices

Quite simply, great cosplay.

Female Injustices-18

This group were cosplaying at Supanova Perth 2013 and in my opinion were quite simply the absolute pick of all the cosplay that I saw at the convention.  They all had great attention to detail and their interpretation of Joker, Riddler, Two Face, and Scarecrow were all absolutely fantastic.  There’s not much more to say, enjoy the cosplay.

A big thank you to Sharlie Matthews: Two Face, Millie Crane: Riddler, Claire Stacey: Joker, Laura Stacy: Scarecrow for posing for me and putting up with me.

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Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Cosplay Feature: Female Injustices

  1. Reblogged this on Nayaths' cosplay and crafting. and commented:
    I saw this post pop up on my reader today, but I have to say these cosplayers are just fantastic! I couldn’t help but reblog to help spread the awesome-ness. There has been some serious skill gone into making these costumes. Just the kind of thing I love to see!

  2. Just oustanding… the quality in the hair work, make up and designs of the costumes is incredible

    Congratulations to all cosplayers and the photographer for such beatiful pictures

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